Meet The Freckles


Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by! Here is a litte tid bit of information for you if you don’t know me.  If you do know me, then this won’t surprise you a bit.  I have three passions in life: volleyball, food/drink and relationships.


I started playing in the back yard when I was ten years old with my cousin Laura and sister Bridget.  I was wild, uncontrollable and captivated with the sport.  I grew up playing school ball and club ball and never wanted to quit.  My dreams came true when I signed on to play collegiate volleyball.  Now, I am living my dreams playing NCAA Division I volleyball.

Food and Drinks

Where do I start talking about my love affair with food? Shall I start with the first sight of star-crossed lovers? Or maybe the deep history of two families that are eternal foes? Nahhh I’m just playin’ with you.  There’s no cool story behind this one.  I just love food and drinks; coffee especially.  I will always try something once and will share pics, descriptions and stories about my meals.


I am not a wealthy woman.  However, I believe the people in my life and the relationships that I have make me rich.  I believe one can learn so much by just talking and befriending people that have different experiences and backgrounds.  My family is world-class.  They are supportive, challenging, hilarious, one-of-a-kind and more than I could have dreamed for.  I am so thankful to have them and all of my friends in my life.  I put a lot of stock in my relationships with others.  They hold the key to my learning, growing, successes and happiness.


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