Ahhhhh, Northeast Minneapolis. The center of our craft beer drinking, flannel wearing, bike riding, urban culture that we have in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Go a few steps, hey look, a microbrewery! Man buns! Flannel (it’s mid June?!)! Similar to Uptown, lots of young people, small restaurants, and LOTS of breweries. Northeast is known for its art district (they play host to Art-A-Whirl each summer) and is commonly known for it’s “hipster” scene. We will try to refrain from “the h word” for the rest of this post.

Red Stag Supper Club

First stop on our tour de Northeast was the Red Stag Supper Club. Very appropriately named, there was a red painted deer (I like to think they picked it up at Fleet Farm or something) mounted on the corner of the restaurant.

Kelley – We decided to order a bunch of small plates at Red Stag. We went with lobster mac and cheese, organic lettuces, and burrata caprese. All were excellent choices. The prosciutto with the Burrata was BOMB. I think Bridget could have had five bowls of the lobster mac before she started to slow down. Anyways, the Red Stag does an unreal job about serving local and organic foods. The menu mentions every farm, butcher and individual that they source their food from. I loved that.

Bridget – Red Stag had a funky vibe. Decorated like your parent’s supper club from the 1970’s–old wood, retro brass light fixtures, black and white photos, and the entire establishment was lined with old beer cans. Their playlist contained 70’s and 80’s rock and roll music. Kelley sang along to hits from Journey and Van Halen while I was too enthralled by the deliciousness of the lobster mac and cheese to harmonize with her off key singing.


Boom Island Park

A hidden gem neither of us had been to. Located on the Mississippi river bank opposite of downtown Minneapolis, the mature trees, sprawling lawns and walking/bike paths were gorgeous juxtaposed to the downtown skyline. Fun fact, Boom Island Park is not an actual island today but once was island… Kelley and I did what we do best at Boom Island, we wandered. We discovered a pedestrian bridge to Nicollet Island (so this is where De La Salle is!), walked over the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, took in some views of downtown Minneapolis and the famous Grain Belt Beer sign. It was gorgeous.

Tattersall Distilling

Bridget – Hidden in the back of the Thorp building off Central and 18th, Tattersall Distilling offers high quality adult beverages and an urban, industrial cocktail room. I met up with some friends after work here for happy hour on a hot summer day. I’m not as good as my sister on remembering the names of my cocktails but it was a refreshing combination of their vodka with mint and cucumber. Tattersall has a rotation of food trucks that serve patrons each day and Wyn 65 happened to be parked outside the bar when I arrived. (Wyn 65 is a food truck belonging to Lyn 65 in Richfield). They offered an eclectic menu of fried chicken, Korean inspired sides, and sausages. I opted for their sausage which was a little greasy for my taste but packed lots of flavor.

Betty Danger’s Country Club

“A Country Club for the 99%” Betty Danger’s…” A staple of Northeast Minneapolis, Betty Danger’s has prime real estate at the corner of Marshall and Lowry. You will NOT miss it because it is a huge pink and green building with many different patios plus you might notice that there’s a ferris wheel on the front patio of the establishment.

Bridget – Betty Danger’s is absolutely hilarious. Besides the colorful servers (all dressed in polos and plaid) the entire establishment commits 100% to their “anti-country club” theme. I order the Winthrop steak tacos and their “Tennis” cocktail which essentially was a gin and homemade tonic. Service was slow but we really didn’t mind because there was such good people watching–groups of women celebrating birthdays, kids playing mini golf (they have a 8.5 hole course that meanders around the entire establishment), and of course, the ferris wheel.

Kelley – I order their “Princeton” margarita from their “Hail My Alma Mater Margaritas.” I could have spent two hours looking at their drink menu that was nestled in a satirical book about country clubs. For dinner I got the Little Yum Buns, essentially sliders. I only ordered two but I should have ordered seven.

NorthGate Brewing

Another gem we stumbled upon in our Rediscovering Home ventures. NorthGate Brewing is an English style brewing company that focus on session beers and British styles.  Bridget’s boyfriend, Adam, bravely decided to joined us on this adventure….

Kelley – NorthGate is a soccer (futbol) hang out with the rafters are draped with European soccer teams banners. I ordered their red Irish ale, the Red Headed Piper (4.5% ABV, 25 IBU) because I mean… I’m a red head and also Irish. Adam went with their Get Together IPA (4.4% ABV, 25 IBU) and Bridget got a flight of beers to try out several samples of NorthGate’s beer selection.

Bridget – While at NorthGate Brewing, The Anchor Fish & Chips food truck was parked outside (I might have planned this out). Anyone who knows me well knows that I can’t turn down fresh French fries or really anything deep fried. Kelley and I have been to Ireland and the UK so we had had REAL fish and chips. We were pleasantly surprised at how great The Anchor was. We split an order of fish and chips with our beers. We semi-participated with the trivia night that was going on (Kelley – AKA we googled every question and then dipped out).

Also highly appreciated–Game of Thrones reference to a door being held open. We might have laughed a little to hard at the cleverness.


New Bohemia

  • “Fine Wurst Menu of Craft Beer Bar Restaurant” (Sausage puns are the wurst)
  • Huge bier selection. If you’ve got a designated driver, make sure to drink up DAS BOOT!
  • Make sure to get your Belgian Style Fries too.


  • The most fun I’ve ever had at brunch. Ever.
  • LUSH was voted Best Brunch in Northeast Minneapolis by the and 2016’s Best Gay Bar by So you KNOW this place is a good time.
  • Bottomless mimosas, a classic hearty breakfast and so much Beyonce and Lady Gaga on their playlist, you’ll be having the time of your life.

331 Club

  • A true dive bar. Old school curtains, sketchy bathrooms, paint peeling off the walls, but you WILL see some awesome live music at the 331 Club.
  • Great drink specials (Happy Hour is from 1-6 pm so if you’ve got the afternoon off…) plus this place does start to pick up later at night!  

That’s it for Northeast, Minneapolis. There’s so much more to rediscover! Summer has just begun and so have we. Until next time…


Fiercely Freckled 


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