Uptown is one of the most popular, trendiest, youngest and most vibrant neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Bridget lives a few miles from the area so we thought Uptown would be a good place to start.

Hola Arepa

Kelley – First question I had: what is an arepa? Let me check my notes (AKA Google it). Ahhh yes. An arepa is basically a Venezuelan sandwich with a corn or flour bun. So, hello Mr. Arepa. Very nice to meet you. If you are looking for a little international flavor, check out Hola Arepa on the corner of 35th and Nicollet.

Bridget – A few summers ago I interned downtown and had experienced the wonderful world of eating from food trucks over the lunch hour. Hola Arepa was my favorite one. They were successful enough to be able to legitimately use the phrase “started with at a food truck now we’re here.”

Disclaimer (from Bridget) : I’m a graphic designer at my big kid job and I get a little over obsessed with logos, menus, colors, branding, websites and seeing how those elements are pulled into a physical restaurant. Hola Arepa uses this awesome teal color (also the only color used on their food truck) that is used in their logo, furniture and lots of pops of it throughout the establishment. Really well done. Ok, done nerding out now!

Kelley –  I have a few of rules about trying new restaurants: you splurge at the restaurant, everyone gets to try each dish and you always make eye contact when making a toast.  So, now that the ground rules are laid out, let’s dish. I had the pork and sweet potato arepa and Bridget had the chipotle chicken arepa (tomato, sweet corn, radish, arugula, YUM!). The arepas are served with yuca fries which I have never tried before and also had to google it. Pretty good! We shared the mixed green salad, ordered the sangria and aviso cocktail and enjoyed. The service was good and the food came out fast. I wholeheartedly approve of Hola Arepa 🙂

Lake Calhoun

Probably the most famous lake in Minneapolis. It’s about 3 miles all the way around the lake, you’ll probably feel extremely out of shape and out of place if you’re not in your very best Lulu Lemon or Nike apparel. The lake is surrounded by gorgeous houses and a handful of beaches.

Bikes, trikes, rollerblades, running, boating, fishing, dog walking, hammocking, swimming, tanning, picnicking, walking, reading, restauranting, networking, yoga-ing, volleyballing, kite-flying, barbequing, and my favorite, people watching. Lake Calhoun is a must if you in the Uptown area!

If you’ve got more time (or are looking for a less busy Urban lake experience) check out Lake Harriet and Lake of Isles. Lake Harriet boasts a gorgeous bandshell overlooking the lake. They host  concerts, movies and other events free to the public.


Perfect for drinks after work or a classy night on the town. Extensive cocktail list. Gorgeous rooftop and views, Libertine offers a more upscale bar experience in Uptown.

LynLake Festival

We unexpectedly stumbled upon the LynLake Festival a few weekends ago. Lyndale Avenue was completely shut down for 20 blocks for bikers, walkers, food trucks and live music. We picked up some chicken tacos from Lagos Tacos on the street, sat on a bench and people-watched (more like dog-watching). We strolled up Lyndale until we reached our new mecca, MilkJam Creamery.

MilkJam Creamery

Stop what you’re doing now and go to Milk Jam Creamery. Seriously, go now. MilkJam Creamery opened up on Lyndale Avenue earlier this year and the line was almost out the door when we arrived. It was a hot and humid day, and not that we need an excuse to eat ice cream, but we used that as our excuse. MilkJam is known for inventive, creative and bucket list flavors. Their namesake ice cream is a combination of caramelized goat, cow and condensed milks. I had Saigon Nights, vietnamese coffee with a hint of hennessy, and Bridget had Cereal Killers, orange coriander milk w/ candied pebbles. In Bridget’s words after inhaling her ice cream, “Can I get back in line?” Go there when you get the chance! Rain or shine. No one needs an excuse to eat ice cream.

The Lowry

Kelley – Nestled on the north edge of Uptown, The Lowry does not disappoint. Breakfast all day, unique cocktails, oysters and the food is AH-MAZING. We started with some oysters off their happy hour. Oysters were sweet and it wasn’t like getting smacked in the face by the ocean so I liked it! Happy hour oysters were 3 for $5, too.  For dinner, I had a bison and blue cheese burger topped with arugula and cranberries. I sipped on their featured drink which had peach puree and bourbon. Thumbs up on both of those. Bridget had a glass of pinot grigio and a steak salad. She was making weird noises as she ate so I am guessing she gives in two thumbs up.

Bridget – “I want to have this salad every single day of my life.” Avocado, fire-roasted corn, red peppers, and steak with a spicy chipotle dressing. I could have had two of those steak salads it was so good. Now we need to go back for their breakfast foods!


  • For the #basic girls night outers: Chino Latino. Get dressed up, eat some of the Mexican/Chinese inspired foods off their menu, take a sake bomb, order a El Orgazmo that comes in a pineapple, snap another pic drinking out of said pineapple drink, snap a group pic, move onto Uptown Tav or Cowboy Slim’s. There you have it folks, a #basic Uptown girls night out. Food, drink and atmosphere are all one of kind at Chino Latino.
  • For the clean eaters: Agra Culture Kitchen & Press. Think quinoa, kale, tofu, hummus… But really frickin good. Ingredients are so fresh. If the words paleo, gluten free, organic, sustainable, non-GMO are important to you, you’ll love this place.
  • For the happy hour goers: Stella’s Fish Cafe. Sit on the rooftop if the weather is nice (it’s seen and be seen on the rooftop), it’s buy one drink get one drink for $1, AND their happy goes until 6:30 pm on weekdays. Do we need to say more? Yes we do, they’ve got a great selection of seafood, oysters and those prices are dirt cheap during happy hour.

Where are we headed next?? Check back in soon to see 🙂



Fiercely Freckled


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