Rediscovering Home

We grew up in the ‘burbs. Neat sidewalks, mowed lawns, minivans driven by conscientious speed-limit abiding moms and every blase suburban norm you can expect. Bloomington, Minnesota. Johnson Avenue, more specifically, where our next door neighbors were the Johnsons to the right and the Johnsons to left. I kid you not. We both moved away from home (and the Johnsons, did we mention the Millers across the street, the Nelsons and the Millers down the road too?) for a couple years.

Bridget – I learned from my small town North Dakota friends that where I was from was “very different” from where they were from. There were “things to do” here. Parks, restaurants, entertainment, new experiences, etc. I would agree with them and they’d tell me stories of shooting guns with cute boys on rural dirt roads and corn field keggers…

Kelley – Had I really experienced all the “things to do” back home? I had never been to Uptown until I was 17 years old. I’d never gone to coffee shop that was Starbucks or Caribou. My clothes were strictly from American Eagle, why would I shop anywhere else?

Bridget – “Things to do” to me was going to the Mall of America, having a Target within 10 miles at all times, hanging out in other friend’s suburban basements playing Guitar Hero or foosball. What more could you want to do back home?

Kelley – It wasn’t until I was away for a few years that I realized how I had never really gotten to know my own hometown.  For purposes of this blog, we’re going to call our hometown the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. If we were going to be literal and say we were only exploring Bloomington, we’d be telling you about the new pancake special at Perkins or the new football fields at Kennedy High School. As interesting as that is… No thanks.

Bridget – We’re taking #summersixteen to get to experience our hometown, Minneapolis and St. Paul as adults. The field trips we took as kids, we’ll go to and maybe learn, have a few cocktails at bars we’ve never been to or heard of, try some homemade ice cream of a shop we didn’t know existed until walked by it.

Kelley – But our main mission here is food, people. We have a big list of new restaurants and new neighborhoods we didn’t even know existed. Cocktails, dinner, dessert, brunch, etc. Restaurant establishments of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you have been warned.
Follow us on our journey of Rediscovering Home.


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