Date Night Specials

“My weaknesses have always been food and men – in that order.” – Dolly Parton

And when those two weaknesses are combined, well ladies and gents, that’s what we call date night. Mood lighting, handing holding, googly eyes, the whole sha-bang. Here are my favorite date night places in Omaha, Nebraska in no particular order.

V. Mertz – Elegant, decadent and magnificent. V. Mertz is one of
Omaha’s best restaurants and you need to check it out to see why. It is tucked in the Old Market Passageway with romantic lighting, quiet setting and wine for days.  I can distinctly remember every flavor and texture of the steak and potatoes I had. Because the menu changes with the season and the week, I can’t specifically recommend anything. But, that’s the beauty of it! It’s a fancy fine-dining place so dress to impress your date ;).

La Buvette – Imagine a sweet slow summer night with a glass of wine, a cheese board and spending time on the charming outdoor patio in the heart of old market. Breath in. Breath out. La Buvette is a no rush experience with wine stacked to the ceiling and intimate dining tables. Expect light dishes and not an entire meal. La Buvette is about spending quality time with your date with lots of conversation.

Mark’s – Take the stairs up and find this restaurant inside of a historic house in Dundee. The backyard patio is shaded by a large tree with lights strung up. In the main dining area, there are floor to ceiling windows overlooking Underwood Street. It’s not as expensive as you might think driving by. They have so many different styles and types of food you can get.  Really a good option if you have no idea what type of food your date likes or the “I don’t know” answer.

Pitch Pizza – Pitch has been on an earlier post. But, it is just such a  relaxed easy date night place I can’t leave it off the list!

Espana – If you are looking for a date night that is outside of the box just a bit, head to Espana located in Benson for some food adventures. You can try a bunch of different tapas (try the croquetas, tortilla de la Espanola and ceviche) and maybe some paella, the classic Spanish dish! I studied in Spain last summer and it brought back all the flavors and memories from that time. Not only that but I was able to share a little bit of what I learned with Jacob. If you’re looking to explore new cuisines with your date or want to relive that Spanish experience, Espana is the place to go!

French Bulldog – This Dundee restaurant makes the list because it was the first date that my boyfriend, Jacob, took me on. He knew how to get a girl to commit: cheese board and some fancy cocktails.  Unfortunately, they just recently closed their doors and will have to live in our memories frozen in time as our first dinner date.

Alright now it is up to you! Grab your honey or person you’ve had your eye on and get out there.


Fiercely Freckled

P.S. Ladies, don’t be afraid to ask a guy on a date and pay, too. I’m all about equality and boldness.


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