Midwestern Secret – Omaha’s Food Scene

For about the first couple of year’s living in Omaha, Nebraska I fell into the chain restaurant trap. I was eating from the same places I did when I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Point blank – I wasn’t  getting to know what Omaha had right in front of my nose.  I’m not sure exactly what triggered the change, maybe crappy fast food or eating at Applebee’s for the 100th time (don’t get me wrong I love me some chicken wings).  I decided to start with my restaurant bucket list: a new place to try every week.

I have posted about it a lot on my Instagram and have had people asking for a complete list of places that I have tried and what I recommend. So, here is the start of the list! These places I can’t go to enough. All of them have the triple threat: great food, relaxing vibe and booze.

My Top Five Staples of Omaha. 

5. Block 16 – This is the pinnacle of farm-to-table in Omaha. FullSizeRender (3) Located in downtown right off the Old Market, Block 16 is almost always packed and for good reason. They have this perfect combination of comfort food and freshness.  The vibe is trendy and cozy. They are mostly open for lunch and dinner on Thursday-Saturday.  In the picture to the right, is their pulled pork sandwich with fries and their Gyro. The Philly Sandwich I have heard really good things about too! Also a birdie told me that they have the best poutine in Omaha for all you Canadians out there.  Their food is fresh, a spin on the classic  and hitting the spot is their specialty.  http://block16omaha.com/

4. Benson Brewery –  As the new kid on the block in Benson, this brew pub boasts artisan beers and food. FullSizeRender (4)My favs here are their warm pretzels with smoked gouda dipping sauce for an appetizer and one of their burgers or pulled pork for your main course.  If you’re a craft beer person you will find something interesting on tap. My favorites are the Karha-T, a spiced English mild ale, and the Brewer’s Duet, a coffee cream stout, made with coffee from Aroma’s right down Maple Street.  If you aren’t a beer drinker, there are still cocktails and wine ready at your beck and call. http://bensonbrewery.com

3. Lot 2 -Looking for a relaxed, high quality culinary
experience in the Benson neighborhood? FullSizeRender (5)Lots 2 is known for amazing food and wine. This is the place where you enjoy every part of your meal from the appetizer to the wine and the from-scratch meal. They run a tight ship and treat their customers as true guests. Pictured left is their charcuterie board (mmmmmm cheese), muscles and pumpkin risotto. Crafted food in a relaxed dining experience. They have brunch too!  Pro tip: you are going to want to get a reservation! Overall, need to make a trip.  http://lot2benson.com/

2. Mula – Mexican Kitchen and Tequileria  – Mula just opened up two or so years ago in the Blackstone District and is inspired by traditional Mexican street food.  It is the kind of place that I never get bored with and often find myself at out of spontaneity. ( TBH I should have about 20 more IMG_2463pictures because I go there so much. I think I get so excited and eat it all before I can take pictures). Things I would recommend: tacos, guacamole and the best margarita in Omaha (pictured left).  Alright let’s get down to the details. My favorite tacos are their Chicken Tinga Tacos. If you want to be adventurous, try the Jackfruit al Pastor which is vegetarian but tastes like meat (so cool!). My favorite guacamole is the Parrilla with has bacon and corn in it. I don’t really need to say more than that. Go there! ASAP.  http://mulaomaha.com/

1. Pitch Pizzeria – Located in the heart of Dundee and out west somewhere in the abyss past 72nd street, Pitch has the best pizza in Omaha FullSizeRenderby far. It’s a coal fire pizza oven which gives the crust this beautiful crispiness. Their pizzas are imaginative yet executed phenomenally. My favorite pizza is the Bianco Verde with ricotta, mozzarella, prosciutto, caramelized onions and arugula. But, if you’re not into the crazy stuff, the Mia pizza is a classic. The pizza to the right is their Margherita pizza. Not only do they have amazing pizza, their salads and charcuterie board is what puts this at the top of the list.


There you have it!! We are just getting started with my favorite places in Omaha. More to come this summer: date night, drinks, apps, coffee…all of it! Comment, like, let me know what you think or would like to see on the blog!

Check back for more about Omaha and my series of posts exploring the Twin Cities with my sister Bridget!


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