España is for Students: An Inside Look into Málaga

ISA Study Abroad Student Blog

An interview with Kelley Wollack, a student at the University of Nebraska Omaha and a Summer 2015 ISA Featured Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Málaga, Spain.IMG_3415 (2)

1. Describe the place where you studied abroad in 150 words or less.

Nestled between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea on the Costa del Sol is the ancient city of Málaga. I know that sounds dramatic but it’s true! Over thousands of years Malaga has been home to Moorish Sultans, the Roman Empire, Pablo Picasso, and Antonio Banderas.  And it could be your home too. There are two large shopping districts, a busy port, small cafes and amazing restaurants.  So much to do and see! At the top of the mountain surrounding the city is the Alacazaba, the Muslim palace. In the city center is the Cathedral.  Winding streets that open up to the sea made for a truly…

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