9 Things We Didn’t Tell Mom and Dad

There’s some things you just don’t tell mom and dad about until long after they happen.  Here are a list of things that Bridget and I didn’t mention about our vacation abroad to Mom, Dad or the Internet… until now..

  1. Didn’t always eat breakfast.  (Who got light headed and almost passed out in a public place? Not Bridget…. Oh wait.)
  2. Functioned an entire day on only two hours of sleep.
  3. Booked hotels the night before we stayed in them.
  4. Pet a feral cat.  It scratched me
  5. Stood a little too close to 700 foot cliffs.
  6. Trusted an old woman that owns a cat themed dive bar with all of our belongings for the day for only six pounds. I guess we were both cat lovers but…..
  7. Stayed out a little bit too late for a Tuesday night. (Goin’ up, on a Tuesday… Oh wait they don’t know that song).
  8. Didn’t pack enough socks and Bridget’s feet smelled.
  9. Talked about them, thought of them and missed them.

We love you mom and dad.  Without your support, encouragement and love, none of our adventures could have been possible. (Mom, you can close your mouth now. We are still alive!)


Fiercely Freckled


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